These Attitude Shifts About Money Could Make You Wealthy

You have probably heard that psychology is the key to success – but is it also the secret to wealth? Many experts think so. Many financial experts, including the famous Napoleon Hill, claim that simple attitude shifts can make a big difference to your life and your pocket book. Here are some attitude shifts that could mean more cash:

> Switch “Money is for bean counters” to “I’m great with money.” When you think of yourself as being “bad” with money it’s likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, think of yourself as being creative with money. Learn more about money if you need to, but start getting confident about the way that you handle your finances.

> Switch “Money is scary (or bad)” to “Money is a great tool.” Associating negative emotions with money is unlikely to help you. When you make emotional decisions with money, you generally make the wrong decisions. Start to see money as something that can get you where you want to go – a tool that can lead you places.

> Switch “Wow, that person has a lot of money” to “Wow, that person has some unique talents.” When you are envious of other people’s financial success, you are generally not seeing the clues they are leaving about financial success. Instead, try to learn from people who succeed with money. With a little work, you could be one of them.

> Switch “Why am I always broke?” to “I’m grateful for the cash I have now.” Don’t focus on the mistakes you make – the credit card debt, the payday loans, the signature loans. Worrying will do nothing. Instead, list all the money-making resources you have and feel grateful for the money you do have – many people in the world would see what you have as an immense amount. Then start working on fixing some bad habits.

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